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Originally Posted by gindyo View Post
lol pace has to be the 5th most important ingredient in a rally shot after consistency, direction, depth and spin
I'd have to reconsider this info based on what we have learned.
I agree consistency is #1, but not sure it fits in as a shot quality here.
I think it is very hard to pick any one of the qualities alone, but would
consider them more in pairs. for ex.
I would go with pace & direction as my main pair if I can do that consistently.
If being more neutral to defensive, I would pick depth and direction.
I'm thinking spin is often a 3rd element like having pace/direction/spin.
Or getting depth/direction and spin.

My point is picking the most important element I expect the first priority would
be direction, combined with several others as a strong second.
Depth is one that may not be as important as a pair, may be most important
if you can only get one element. Maybe that is how it became popular as
being most important.??
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