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Originally Posted by bugeyed View Post
My statements regarding lessened tension at the linear gripper are based on the Babolat machines & not lock out machines. On the CP machines, the gripper & diabolo relationship never changes. The "pull" is measured as the whole assembly moves. If Irvin is basing all of his argument on a lock out mechanism, that is a different issue, although his early statement that "I believe I seen a Babolat video that said it relieves the pressure on the gripper. Can't understand that but who am i to argue", would indicate that he was talking about the Babolat configuration as well.

i have no idea what irvin is basing his position on , but the diabolo is attached to the crank mechanism and is fixed so it works the same way on a lockout as it does on electronic machines. the diabolo moves with the lockout tension head as the handle is cranked.
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