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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
You are clueless. What is our record against the SEC since Jimbo took over? Let me answer that for you - it's 3-0.

What happens if we beat UF in 2 weeks? I doubt you say anything. don't say such ridiculous stuff and then expect to be taken seriously in a public sports forum.

FSU's biggest problem is they play down to their opponents. I believe they would be very competitive in the SEC. A simple knowledge of college football and recruiting in general reinforces my opinion. I wish we were in the SEC just because it would be a lot more fun to watch.

By the way for anyone who is this clueless - we were top 5 in recruiting the past 2 years.
Sorry, gotta agree w/ volleygirl here. Mizzou was an upper level B12 team, so was TAMU, and both are taking their lumps in the SEC. FSU is just now getting back to decency after being down for years and years relatively speaking. But getting chesty from dominating the mighty ACC, I see.

You're both kinda saying the same thing though. LSU's competitive in the SEC and still only 3-2 bc of how tough it really is. I can't imagine FSU doing much better than that all things considered.
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