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Im not getting chesty about anything. You really think we would not be in the top 7 in the SEC?

That is what I am arguing. Especially when we took USC, who was #4 in the SEC 2 years ago to the woodshed with a far inferior team to what we have now.

Do you have any idea of how many of our players will go the league this year? It has nothing to do with the ACC. We have a lot of talent on this team. A ton.

Just for the record we lost a guy named Brandon Jenkins..may want to look him up. We kicked off Greg Reid our best returner, and one of the best in the NCAA, and now our best RB is gone. And we lost 1 game so far. In all honesty I expect a huge dogfight against UF, but if we win that game, come tell me we are not top 7 in the SEC please so I can laugh at you.

I would love to be on the SEC. The ACC blows. I don think anyone disagrees with that. But with our heritage and recruiting pipeline to say we would not compete in the SEC is just shameful ignorance. the fact that we finish top 5 in recruiting outside of that conference is a massive victory in itself. If we were in the SEC we would be top 3 every year easily.

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