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Default Information - Knee cap injury caused by tight rectus femoris & other issues

Originally Posted by 2ndServe View Post
what specific exercises where you doing to strengthen the knees? I have patella tendonitis where if I split step or jump once I land the lower knee cap hurts. Softer insoles and knee braces have helped a lot but it's still painful even when I split step.
Have you had tendinitis diagnosed by a Dr?

I have had some pain under my knee caps. I believe that tight/short rectus femoris is a contributing issue to knee pain for me. My MRIs have shown pathology that is a cartilage injury. Does not hurt much to play but I worry about future if not corrected.

Test for tight hip flexors, rectus femoris & iliotibial band -

This video shows how to evaluate the flexibility of muscles in your hip area. These muscles have a lot to do with the posture of your leg and stresses on joints. The video shows how to test the flexibility of the 3 areas of the pelvis- 1) hip flexors (illiopsoas), 2) rectus femoris (also a hip flexor but this one is a two-joint muscle), and 3) iliotibial band. The details of leg angles are important in the videos. (These muscles can create posture problems that cause extra stresses on the knees.)

Read the section under "properties" for age and activity related tightness.

(To check terms Google the term. Always read the Wikipedia entry.)

A paper on knee issues -

Sports medicine group at Johns Hopkins Sports Medicine where I have gone for two meniscus injuries, now resolved. Some information on common sports injuries-

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