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Originally Posted by junbumkim View Post
That's why many doctors will not order scans unless the symptoms were severe enough (i.e.. extreme loss of strength in a leg, paralysis, etc). And, it's widely accepted among physicians that scans will lead to false findings that are not causing any problems.

If a physician opts for surgery, it's because he's a orthopedic surgeon who believes surgery is the best solution. Perhaps there are few doctors who lick their chops and think "Yeah, surgery, more money." but it rarely works out like that.
As usual, real life is a lot more nuanced than black and white. For example: if you are convinced (as the surgeon) that back surgery, with all of the potential risk and hassle associated with it, has a 97% chance of curing the symptoms, or a 3% chance, you know what to do. OTOH, if you know that at this point, the surgery has a 60% chance of getting rid of pain, let's say, that is another way of saying that it has a 40% chance of being a useless surgery. Do you do the procedure?
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