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Originally Posted by Paullaconte1 View Post
Before being attacked by Federer fans, I clearly state that I am a Federer fan!!! But...

Yesterday I watched the match against Ferrer and he was really not at his level. His service was shocking especially in the first set and he didn't appear to be too much alive. Actually he seems to be bother by something (what?)

I do not think he has any chances to defeat either Djokovic or Murray (let alone back to back both of them in the semis and final) as they are too solid at the moment.

Any opinion?
Of course if Roger wins the WTF (I hope so) this will be the most unpopular (or popular?) thread in here...
I may be wrong, but when Fed has poor serves and plays like that, he is tired, it reminded me of his match at the Olympics against Murray.

These guys are incredible, to be up all the time, in shape, rested, is very hard. I think this is why Tennis is so inconsistant. You look at boxing champions and they go undefeated or it's a huge deal if they lose one match, not the best analogy I understand but even Nadal complained about the players grueling schedules.

So I'd chalk it up to fatigue, even Fed hinted he's a bit burned out.

I don't know about you, but when I'm nervous, on, in shape, I feel "unbeatable". When I'm tired and uninterested or unmotivated I play like garbage, it's amazing the difference.
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