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I've got some numbers for you guys since I've always questioned the TW listed specs. The Dunlops were purchased from TW and all racquets are 4 1/2 grip. The TW numbers for my racquets are as follows:

Head IG Youtek Prestige Pro
Strung weight: 12.2oz

Dunlop 4D200 Tour
Strung weight: 12.3oz

I used my scale and measured things myself. The string in question is a set of Signum Pro Plasma Pure I had sitting on my desk. My results are:

Head IG Youtek Prestige Pro
Unstrung weight: 325g, 326g
Strung weight: 347g (12.2oz)

Dunlop 4D200 Tour
Unstrung weight: 348g, 349g
Strung weight: 369g (13.02oz)

All completely stock, and the Dunlops in question haven't ever been used. The grip on the Dunlops are factory Hydrozorb or whatever they call them, so that's not where the weight difference comes from. Either way, there is no way you can get a 0.7oz difference in strung weight unless it's a misprint.
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