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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
Thanks tbuggle. But I'm sure if you look real close you will notice the pivot point on the lower front of the gripper is fixed in position to the diablo. That distance never changes. As the whole assembly moves back and forth they move together. The only thing that rocks is the gripper assembly about the pivot.
Yes, the pivot point does not move, how could it? But the gripper DOES move independently of the diablo. The gripper jaws become closer to diablo as tension is applied, but not much. Anyhow, the diablo is fixed, the gripper is not....based on my observation (machine is sitting next to me).

I do think the diablo takes some stress off the whole scenario, but it doesn't change the tension whatsoever. Like you (i think), I believe it eases the angle into the gripper. Works for me.
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