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I didn't like either of the first 2 options so I went with zombie too.

Really there's not enough information here. If I played well but was just against a couple of players who are simply a level or 2 above me in tennis ability, then I won't feel bad at all, and Lprobably won't spend much time thinking about it afterwards.

If I played reasonably well but we lost a tight one, I'll still probably analyze it in my head to try and figure out what I could have tried differently that might have worked. Sure, I hit mostly good shots, but were they shots that were playing into the other team's strengths? Could I/we have worked my/our way into net more (or less) often? From the baseline, should I have tried more off-pace spin shots instead of giving them the same, consistent, flat, medium paced rally shot? I do tend to get analytical after close losses, although I wouldn't call it bummed.
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