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Originally Posted by jonnyjack View Post
I originally read this as a double bounce scenario. I didn't know the rule for this though. Thanks.

Is this for tournaments and league? I know that a sub may be used in league if a player got injured during the warmup. In league, the match is considered have started when the very first serve is struck so I thought that implied that the warm up wasn't exactly the official start. We can also use new lineups if it starts raining during the warm up provided none of the lines have started too.

I was in a league match earlier this year when our teammates gave us coaching advice right after the warm up. I didn't really want to hear it anyway but my opponent was saying you can't and my teammates were saying the match doesn't officially start until that first serve is struck. They started arguing and I just said, let's play already!

woodrow1029: Can you show me where the rule is for this? Not doubting you, just want to know where for reference should this come up again. I have looked but I couldn't find it anywhere.
Different leagues may have different individual rules, but while they can put a sub in during the warm-up (you are correct that the first point actually signifies the start of the match), the warm-up is considered part of the match with regard to the code of conduct, toilet breaks, coaching, medical time-outs, etc.

As far as warming up with someone other than the opponent if the opponent refuses to warmup, it's USTA Regulations, page 116 of the Friend at Court:

Warm-up. A player who refuses to warm-up with the opponent forfeits the
right to a warm-up. During the warm-up or a re-warm-up, a player may have
any person hit with the player if the opponent refuses to do so.

Regulation 10, on page 116-117 states that (I quoted the entire regulation, but the pertinent part to this discussion is the last sentence, which I bolded:

No coaching. Except as permitted under Rule 30 of the ITF Rules of Tennis,
a player may not receive coaching during any suspension or interruption of
play due to the following:
a. Medical timeout or bleeding timeout under
USTA Regulations III.E.1
and III.E.2.
b. Maladjustment of a player’s clothing, footwear, or equipment under
of the ITF Rules of Tennis;
c. Toilet/change of attire break under
Rule 29(c) of the ITF Rules of
and USTA Regulation III.F.; or
d. Seeking the assistance of the Referee under
USTA Regulation IV.C.5.

Coaching is permitted during an authorized rest period between sets under
Rule 30
of the ITF Rules of Tennis and during any other authorized
suspension of play under either
USTA Regulation III.D. or Rule 30. A
temporary interruption of play during which the players do not leave the
playing area is not a “suspension” of play for these purposes. Coaching is not

permitted during any warm-up.

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