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Originally Posted by tbuggle View Post
so the diablo on an electric does not spin on a bearing?

I have used a gamma electronic, but really did not pay attention to how it worked, i was too busy stringing rackets.
On my Pro Master machine, the diablo does not spin at all, but does move with the tension plates when tension is pulled. It works great as the string enters the tension plates at same angle each time, and with nat. gut if I need to pull the same string twice, I would wind the string a second time around the diablo so the tension plates would not press on the same spot twice. A nice feature to have.

This diablo is nice and large, and is very smooth. It handles the angled pulls very nice when the brake is locked stringing O Port racquets so I never need to use boomerangs or s hooks or any other items between strings like some do as the brake along with the diablo the string will not pull on a severe angle against the linnear plates as the diablo handles the pull very nice. Its a great feature to have especially stringing delicate strings.

Picture of it below:

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