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Originally Posted by hound 109 View Post
Good win for this talented 12 y/o. (especially the way she won it)

Pretty embarrasing for the UofW coach. Goes all the way to Indonesia to recruit a player who doesn't have enough game to beat a 12 year old girl. I bet UofW could have recruited an American 5 star (or even 4 star) player who wouldn't have choked against a player 6 years her junior.

I've watched Claire win (& lose) in two different matches. She's fabulous. But no way an 18 y/o with game should lose to her. It's nuts to have scholarships going to underperforming non-americans. UofW should be ashamed of itself.
So Grace ysidora goes out and beats the #27 ranked player in the country from Duke the next day and she is not good enough for college tennis in the US? It was a mistake to give her a scholie? Anybody can have one bad game.

Her background is pretty impressive despite the loss. #32 world ranking in juniors ITF 2 years ago, career-high WTA singles ranking of No. 607 and doubles ranking of No. 550. She won 2 Futures tournaments in doubles.
Yeah she suxs, bad pick up. Tons of American girls are equivalent and ready to sign up for Washington's team if they were only offered...
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