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Originally Posted by Gasolina View Post
Does the Vcore really help with power? I've been using the RQiS line and relying on low tension soft poly's
I never used the racquet you have, I like a little large head sizes, for my 2 handed back hand.

Anyway, Vcores are powerful, I really liked the 98D, more than 100S, 100S is more versatile though, but the one is the best for me overall is the Ezone Xi, this one plays just like I want it and need it to.

Though, I'm very curious about these new VCore Xi with this micro core that some have sworn by.

We'll see how it goes, anyway it's a lot easier to play with these racquets than with Ultimum RQ and RDX racquets I used previously, needless to say that in the 100 sq in Yonex has the best 2 by far in my opinion, just look at the TW feedback and reviews, 100S and Ezone Xi are some of the highest rated ranking, not that what TW scores or doesn't means a lot, but the feedback, TW review and many other players agree that they're better overall than the rest.
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