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Originally Posted by LuckyR View Post
Your second bolded statement is a great avoidance of the errors both of us cite are so common, though we all know there are personality types, perhaps not yours nor mine, that will be bouyed up with either a "don't worry about it" or a "it was a good miss" type of thing.
Actually I do think there are "good misses", and I will encourage my partner when he makes a good miss. For example, I believe in being very aggressive on return of serves, at least for the first several return games. Reasoning: I expect that my partner and I will hold our serves. I also expect that our opponents will hold their serves if we return conservatively. So, it is worth taking more risks with the ROS - often, all we need is one break to take the set. If my partner is going for his returns, but not making them, I don't want him to feel bad about it and try dial it down, so I will encourage him to keep going for it. Obviously, if after several return games he is still not making any returns, then it's time to try something else
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