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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Jason, I need some help/advice....I recently demoed the Juice 100 and really liked it. It was so user friendly and versatile. I also know the new 16x19 Blade is coming soon. Could you possible compare the J100 with the 16x19 Blade, since you have tried both? Would the Juice be a better fit for me?
I usually like what you like, so your opinion is valuable to me. Is the Blade more of a "players stick"? I am currently using the Extreme 2.0 Mp, but am struggling to win with it.
Ahh yes, the Juice 100. That was also a racquet I loved. The Juice 100 is definitely more maneuverable than the new Blade 16x19. The downside for me, on the Juice 100 was the stiffness. With my arm issues, I just couldn't consistently hit with it.

I would say the Juice 100 is also more powerful. I feel like spin production is about the same. I like the Juice 100 over the Blade 16x19 for serves but I like the Blade over the Juice 100 for stability. I would say that the Blade is "more of a players stick" because it's slightly less powerful and more demanding to swing.

Jason, TW
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