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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
Tanner served at 43.5%(61 of 140)
drew 31 return errors
17 were on 2nd serve
This is also a little surprising, for Tanner to draw more return errors with his 2nd serve than with his first (17 vs 14). Of course Tanner not getting too many 1st serves into play had something to do with that, but still it's surprising considering the weapon his 1st serve was.

In the '79 final, Tanner drew 28 return errors with his first serve, only 9 with his second.

Connors failed to put Tanner's 1st serve back in play 30 times, but a majority of those were aces (16). He did really well when he could get a racquet on the ball.

Tanner made 61 first serves and 30 did not come back (16 aces, 14 return errors): 49%.
He served 79 second serves, and 17 did not come back: 21.5%
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