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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
I don't think so. I think sureshs is reading it to mean more directly in front based
on his post, like directly between you and the opponent, but
ball closer to net than you is contact in a "plane" parallel BL that is
closer to net than the "plane" of your body that is parallel to BL.
(usually out on the 45 from your body position)
Huh? i have no idea what you are saying here.

Originally Posted by 5263
Can be a confusing term as some like suresh here will think it means hitting directly in front of the torso, vs closer to the net than the player.
When I said 'opposite' I was referring to the statement you made above.
To me it sounds like you are saying that hitting out in front means hitting the ball while it is closer to the net that the body. Is that what you meant?
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