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He should not have played the Olympics. I felt like he got an injury in that semi-final against Del Potro or maybe got drained mentally so much that he has never recovered ever since.

He played like crap in the Olympic final against Murray, was very mediocre at the USO, bombed from Shanghai, lost Basel, skipped Paris and now struggled against Ferrer of all people. He now looks like a broken laptop battery - he seems to be at 100% in the first match after charging, then quickly drops to 5% (which is still enough to beat most of the field, lol) until someone real from top 10 relieves the undead from this misery.

He does have a chance, but only if he withdraws from the next match against Del Potro. That is not happening though. If I were him and had to play, I would adopt an extremely aggressive style, going for winners, S&V'ing, just working on those elements of his game that he feels are off.

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