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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
I thought Connors was going for a bit too much on the 2nd serve return. Most serves were directed to his backhand which produced a lot of winners & errors. most of the 17 bh winners he hit were return winners, not sure the exact breakdown. and he made 25 bh return errors as well.
Yes and Borg's style of returning 2nd serves was somewhat less risky. Borg and Connors each had to face about 75 second serves from Tanner, with Connors making 17 errors, Borg only 9. That does seem to show Connors more eager to rip 2nd serves.

(Just going by the numbers and by what you're saying; I haven't seen this match myself yet.)

Borg made 11 clean return winners off Tanner's 2nd serve, presumably Connors got a similar or higher number.
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