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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
Shouldn't it be defined by body w/o regard to the net? What about a running fh where your torso is pointed to the side fence on contact and the racquet and body are the same distance to the net but the racquet is in front of the body like on an open stance cc? You wouldn't say that was hit out in front?
I agree, the net seems to overcomplicate matters. All you really need is a comfortable distance for the arm between body and racquet to execute a proper swing, racquet face facing the target.

I guess 5263 was thinking of the generic, easily returnable rally ball, where the contact point is in front and to the side.

sureshs -- I had trouble with the phrase "hitting out in front" -- whenever I would voluntarily try to hit out in front, I would end up swinging early, overextending, and pretty much shanking or misfiring. When looking to your target when swinging, it may seem like you hit to the side (since the contact pt relative to your body is at the edge of your field of vision). Truth is, the reason that you see it at all is because it's in front.
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