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Dude, your ball striking is pretty clean, but there are a couple small things I can see. You are cheating yourself by running through your split step because you already know where the ball is going. It is supposed to be an agility/footwork drill I am guessing.

Next comment would be on your court depth. Way too deep as the other guy is not hitting with any consistent depth or pace. Try and stay a little tighter on the baseline and use the court to cut off the angles (moving up and back).

Lastly, you get a little lazy with your take back at times and could be the reason you find it a little difficult to go cross court at times . It makes you a little late, maybe, causing you to go too much up the middle.

For what it's worth, it is not a bad session by any stretch, but these couple small things will help you improve quickly, but more importantly, take time away from your opponent.

Good luck.
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