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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Sorry, I disagree.

It is common and understood that folks will warn their partners (or say things like "Stay") when the ball is on the way to the other side. This is not cheating.
Yes, it is cheating.

In "park tennis" its "understood". It's also acceptable to foot fault, catch balls going obviously out, take extended breaks between points/games/sets, and drink alcohol. We're not talking about park rules.

You can say "stay" all you want, as long as the ball is coming over to your side of the court.

Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
It is something that can be punished if the other side chooses to claim hindrance. So long as I accept your hindrance call should you choose to make one, there is no problem and no one has cheated.
You're breaking the rules. Whether or not they call it is irrelevant. If I foot fault, im cheating. If I "hinder", im cheating. If I catch a ball with my racket that's going out and still win the point, im cheating. If I bean and opponent with a serve and do not claim the point, im cheating.

All of those instances ARE CHEATING. They're just not enforced more often than not.

Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
It's not me who is putting you in the unpleasant position of having to call a hindrance. The rule does that. After all, the rule could be written to say that talking is automatic loss of point. The rule is not that rigid, perhaps in recognition that minor and well-intentioned communication doesn't present a problem for most people.
As pretty much everyone else has been saying... your "intentions" dont matter and why you seem to think that "it's ok, as long as they dont call it." is just silly.

I'm not saying you should call a hindrance every time someone says "watch out!" and neither is anyone else. We're just saying that you are breaking the rules and its a terribly bad habit (like foot faulting, or catching balls going obviously long) to "hinder" your opponent.

So, does your world view include "It's not up to people to behave themselves, its up to the victim to prosecute"?

I cant see that going very well.
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