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Depends on the quality of your ground strokes and the level that you're playing at.

At my low level, I usually dont try to pass unless the ball is on my forehand side because ill make too many errors. At this level, even if I more or less "feed" a ball, there is still a chance they can miss it, or fail to put it away.

In doubles, ill hit it straight at them and follow the ball in. I hit low, high spin forehands so there is a good chance they will pop the ball up if they get a racket on it. By the time this happens, im already closing in and can put it away.

If you have a good slice, try and slice a few balls at them. See if they can handle both spins. Low and "spinny" topspin shots, or low and "floaty" slice shots work really well for most levels of tennis.

The only thing you dont want to do is hit hard and flat 2 ft. above the net. That's an easy put away, unless you're playing a midget and 2 ft. above the net is his face.
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