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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
Ok, I just got done hitting the Pure Drive 2012, and the two racquets felt quite similar in spec. The biggest difference to me was just the shape of the beam, which affected the way they play. The Pure Drive is more "club-like", offering tons of pop and power from the groundstrokes, but I felt the AeroPro Drive maneuvered a little better and was a better racquet from other areas of the court. The Active Cortex is in both now though, which makes them both more comfortable and plush feeling than previous versions. For me, I'd give the edge to the APD.

Andy, TW
It's official: I'm drooling now.

I'm all over this as soon as it's available. If it's as good an update as the PD was in 2012 (I've only recently discovered this), and if it serves witha tad more pop and action than certainly my original black APD, I'll be a very happy soul.

Man, what with the Wilsons too, there's a lot of tempting racs looming on the horizon lol.

Cheers for posting, and any other observations/thoughts, Andy, do post them up!
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