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Nice shirt, Power Player. You got grate taste. I haz that same shirt! and The pants that match!

To the OP: Ya man, got a Similar experience here. My son lost to a kid with only one aluminium babolat racket, and shorts from Target or something.
just Liek the kid in your story, Naturally, mah boy does it right and shows up with the proper accoutrements:
- 12pack custom Federer Wilson bag [y not?]
- seven Wilson Blade 26s. [He is a string breaker!] Also he was carrying some of my Blade 26s, just in case!
- MiCoach Barricades 7's With the Speed_Cell [they are really grate and they inspire him to train better than I can]! he makes it into a game on the computer at night. so kewel!
- Nadal Us Open Crew 2012 [present from my gf's hoTT girlfriend]
- Two Reels Some sort of Lux Strings [bb alu power rough. Gives him lot's and lot's of spin's! Brings them in the bag cus he likes to touch them and stroke them on changeovers. He is learning how to string. Satn clause is getting him a baiardo this chrismes]
-Resistance Bands [gotta warm up da gunz for da gun show, you knowhatt that's about!] what color do you guys use for your 10 yr olds? I get the heaviest, thickest ones so we could share.

So everyone was intrigued by this kid with only the one metal rkt, haha. Kid didn't have happy feet. Just pushed. Pushin's really successful now in 10s, but not in the 12s and 14s where the real money's at!
Yeah, My boy double faulted 4 times in the first game -- he is between serves right now, trying to work between the pinpoint vs platform....kick toss vs neutral....conti grip versus the frying pan. Gotta just listen to all three coaches and process their advice. We're constantly using Coaches Eye and Dartfish...and footage of Djokovic and also Roddick.

Conclusion.....and yeah, gotta face facts: My li'l future star got double bageled by a pusher. I hate the 4 game set format. My son just ran out of time! He had a flu though. Had it for like a couple of weekends in a row.

Got him a nice massage and a warm down after the match....skipped out on the losers' bracket so we could go tanning. Heading down to Macci's for some 3D analysis over thanksgiving. Lot's to be thankful for!

He will catch up to the other kids when he irons out his serve technique. Looked great and felt great, though! and so did my son, haahaa! That's what counts! Vamos mi hijo!

Where can I buy my kid one of those Western Grips? I hear all about them, but they are not listed on the TW web sight. How much is a western grip? Are they on ebey or something?

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