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Originally Posted by KickItUp View Post
thanks, that worked out well. the first time I strung without looking at any videos or stopping and actually enjoyed it
And I doubt you did but had you timed your start you would have found you probably sayed a minute starting your mains. Many people run in one side of string after measuring it and clamp it off. Then they run in the other side and pull tension. I don't.

I start on the wrong end now. Assume you have a racket that starts in the throat and you need 10' of string for each side of the mains. I place the starting clamp at about 11' from the end and start the right main from the top then loop the string to the left side. I pull the left main from the top while holding the loop at the bottom with my left hand. In the time it takes to pull one string through i have ran in two and i am ready to pull tension. I am using fixed clamps and I will never have two clamps butted up against each other either and i can always gets the clamps on each side of the racket right up against the frame.
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