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Originally Posted by eugenius View Post
Seems to be very little feedback on the review pages of TW re the Q5.I am currently playing with 2yrs of tennis elbow,and is considering switching to the Q5 or KI5.How many people have directly compared them,esp elbow comfort.
Also ,if anyone knows,how these 2 compare with the new Donnay Pro One
The Kinetic frames can really help with TE, if your TE is the result of year's of continuous pounding from tennis and the like. In this case you might see a marked improvement. If the TE arose from bad technique and you don't change, not so much.

I always encourage PK newbies to buy a used 5 or 7 series frame and try it before jumping all in. You can usually find them for about half the retail price. Be careful though as the 5 and 7 frames have a tendency to develop hairline frame cracks when used by hard hitters. I cracked only 3 frames in my 35+ years of tennis and 2 of them were a 5g and a Ki5.

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