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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
I promise you every single pro hits the ball in fron. All that means is that their arm, at contact (or the racquet face if you wish), is ahead of the plane of their chest.
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Okay I did my best to find pictures/stop videos when Federer's hitting a lower ball to see if his contact point is less in front for those shots. I can't say I'm convinced but it could be more a reflection of my search skills. When I think about it on my BH side (I have a 1hBH) this intuitively seems correct.

Besides being more in front is the contact point also a bit more to the side?

Let me ask this another way, for higher balls do you straighten your elbow more? Is the elbow further away from your torso at contact on a high ball vs. a shorter ball. I use a "double bend" FH.

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