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Originally Posted by ericsson View Post
She had a contract with Donnay (Sportsdirect) but is now back to Babolat and the Pure Drive.
Donnay has been around for more then 100 years (1910) but tennis was not the first thing they made, The company made wood tool handles before beginning to manufacture wood racquets in 1934...
Thanks. I had no idea Donnay was that old. Do you have any idea why they made her a special edition racquet if she wasn't signed to a long term contract? Did she have a really hot year? Was she dating the CEO's nephew?

I had never heard of her, but I have some relatives in Canada, and they always have some sort of popular fads or favorites that are unknown. I thought maybe she was really big over there.

To be honest, I was initially searching through my memory of all the old Aussie doubles players when I saw the name "Wickmayer."
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