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Originally Posted by Roforot View Post
This is analagous to the enforcement of the time limits b/w points. I don't watch a lot of live doubles, but I've been to college matches and seen some pros at Indian Wells and Miami. I have never seen the refs call hindrance for doubles teams that communicate during the point. I don't argue that they couldn't and perhaps you've seen a match where this occurred.

As amateurs it is worth the risk of losing that point to give my partner an extra second to bail. I figure if they're the sort that would claim a hindrance for that, then they'd be the sort that would try to do some damage w/ their overhead.

I think there are unwritten rules of sportsmanship on the court. I've been lucky having played in Texas and NY w/ people who were good sports (not counting my brief stint in mixed dubs).
You are allowed to communicate all you want while the ball is heading towards your side of the court.

One of those unwritten rules of sportsmanship is that you don't talk whie the ball is heading towards your opponents side of the court ... of wait that's a WRITTEN rule.
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