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Go to this site and watch the videos on the FH. He talks about originating the foreward swing from the leps/hips. You prep and then start forward by lifting with the R leg and rotating the R hip forward. The racket arm and racket head lay back and bit and then come forward into contact.

30 years ago Vic Braden taught sit and lift. Basically, get low and lift into the shot with the thighs pushing up. James Blake's dad taught James this method.

I sometime think let my R Thigh/Hip area start the forward swing. Make your pivot/prep motion very eary - before the ball crosses the net. Then move to contact area. Get a little knee bend and load the R leg with your weight. Then think lift and rotate with the R thigh/hip. This lift/rotate will pull the arm into the swing. You can do this with an open, semi-open, or neutral stance. Best to try it on a few medium paced rally balls to get the feel.

It is also far easier to time the ball using big muscle groups like thighs and core rotation rather than arm, forearm and hand.
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