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I saw statistics on a Djoko vs Nadal match and they averaged over 30" clearance - I think Djoko was about 33 and Nadal 32. Surprised Djoko was higher. I think this was a couple of years ago when Djoko beat Nadal on clay in Madrid. So, pros do average almost 3'.

I use 3 levels: 1. when inside the court roughly 5-6' or more, I strive for 1.5-2' of clearance, 2. when near the baseline, I strive for 3-4' clearance, and 3. when 5-6' behind baseline, I strive for 5-6' clearance.

When you are inside the court and hitting the ball more aggressively, I still think 1.5-2' clearance to reduce errors. I can hit it reasonably hard and still get it in the court with topspin.

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