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'' Originally Posted by woodrow1029 View Post
The team that received the first point of the 2nd set tiebreak serves the first point of the match tiebreak. You would start the match tiebreak at the opposite end of the court from where you finished the 2nd set tiebreak.
Yep, that's how I've done it. Funny to me how many get it wrong. And then are adamant about it.''

last november 2011, played national 55 and over hard court tourney at indian wells. first match. second set goes to tie breaker. split sets. sitting on the side chairs resting before the start of the third. i say to opponent, because i know this rule, and i'm aware some don't, although i'm thinking at a big tournament like this s/b no problemo, something like " ok, you know i start the third serving from this side, right?" he disagrees. we discuss. he says i'm wrong. i'm way cool with this. can use the extra rest before the third set. and, of course i know i'm correct...a court monitor/official comes down to see what's up. she says, incredibly, even after looking through the rule book, she knows the rule and my opponent is right and i'm wrong...again, no animosity anywhere from any of the three of us. it's all good. neither of our serves is good enough for us to lobby to serve first, so, cheating is not an issue. she leaves to say she'll double check with someone else. we rest more. cool. she comes back 2 minutes later and says my opponent is right, and i'm wrong. whatever. no impact on the match. i'm thinking am i crazy? anyway, i win the third and match. woo hoo. next day, before my second round match, another official seeks me out to say " the official yesterday was incorrect in her ruling etc..."
no worries. everyone's happy.
long silly story just to prove no matter where you're playing, when it comes to some rules, you never know...
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