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Originally Posted by jaybear1909 View Post
Let me begin by saying I am by no means a hooker (ignore thread title). I call the ball as I see it fair (and more often than not give calls that I should have taken). So let's begin:

Tonight was the final mixed match for my girlfriend and me (thanks El Diablo). It was going to decide who won the division. We arrived at the HARD courts and they were still very damp from the rain earlier this afternoon. We just decided to play with it (really wasn't bad) and soon learned that the balls left really good marks in the water. Great, so no one could cheat. Right?

Everything went smooth up until 5-4. I was serving out the set. There had been some iffy calls made, but with the ball marks clearly showing, no one objected. We go up 40-15, 2 set points. We get in a rally and our opponents both are playing baseline (why, I do not know). My girlfriend gets a forehand and hits it right down the middle. Neither of the opponents went for it. I saw it hit very close, and the man called it out. I then proceeded to jump over the net (okay, I could have walked around) and asked nicely if they could show me the mark. I was smiling, and had no intentions of being rude. The woman about freaking died! Firstly, she showed me a mark that was WAY away from the mark he showed me. Then she proceeded to tell me how rude I was for not honoring their call.

Of course we started arguing a little. I just explained to her that I was confirming it was out, I was not dishonoring anyone's calls (granted I saw no mark out ). She smarted off about 100 times and we dished it back out. Next point, I served and it went wide. She says "Do you think that one was in??" My girlfriend said "I can see it was out, thanks!". Second serve, we get into a rally. I end up hitting a shot to the man's forehand and he hits it just wide. Me and my girlfriend both call this shot wide. They immediately think we're cheating. I showed him where the ball hit, but he wouldn't hear it.

Second set we were just trying to calm down. Went down 2-5, came back to 5-5 and then lost it. Third set went up 3-0, then 5-4, my serve again. Shi* hit the fan my friends! They called 2 let balls (both clearly in) and a baseline shot out. Neither of us argued. We called 2 of their shots out (I saw them both out, and we had marks to prove it) and they went nuts.

At this point I was aiming for heads (no I didn't hit any, just an expression). We ended up winning the third 6-4. They had no intention of shaking our hands. I walked over and stuck my hand out, only to get a blank stare. Finally the woman shook mine furiously, and proceeded to tell me I was a great player. Then she says that me jumping over the net in the first set was the rudest thing she's ever witnessed. I told her that no matter how I got around the net, that I could legally look for the mark. She asked what I would do had I found a mark in and I said, "If I found it in, I'd show you, and if you still proceeded to call the ball out that's your call."

Am I really in the wrong for jumping over the net? I just wanted to see the mark (it was a very important point). I never saw the mark, but didn't argue. Just was showing them that I wasn't afraid to object. Regardless of how I get over there, I feel it's legal to look for a mark.

In all honesty, I think she's just jealous because she can't jump over the net .

*And we won by the way
An opponent jumping over the net after a contentious call would cause me to end the match immediately. You can't do that. Period.
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