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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
When has Federer been the best player in the world for 8 years like Gonzales?

Oh, and I can pick who I believe to be the best players of each year without co-ranking players. See below:
Your list is flaw because there are two tours competing at that time. Had both tours combined which the field would be stronger, it makes a world of difference.

You also double counting with 2 players/per year earning the best player. Had the open-era had two tours and 2 players gets to be number one in the world, Fed/Nadal would earn more year at #1. Nadal would have 6 years end #1(with would include 2005, 06, 07, 09, 11) had Fed and Nole was playing in a separate tour.

You see how much of a factor when there's a two separate field competing?

And please don't try to hide negative facts. It's not going go work.
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