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Default My Experience So Far with TE and FlexBar

I am a 52 year old male who's played tennis for 40 years (strong 4.0 player). I haven't had tennis elbow in 6 or 7 years but developed a case earlier this year. After a couple of shots, I returned to tennis too soon and it started hurting again after a few weeks.

My research pointed me to the FlexBar and I ordered a green one. My experience has been one that I need to warn others about. Two or three weeks into using the FlexBar, my elbow hurt considerably worse. I decided to slow down and ordered a red bar. However, even the red bar was now too much for me to handle by then.

I've since begun to visit a physical therapist. They are very familiar with the FlexBar and the Tyler Twist. However, in my third week of PT, he's just allowing me to do two sets of five, twice a day, with the red bar.

My warning is that you can definitely do too much, too soon with the FlexBar and you'll end up with an irritated elbow that's worse than it was. I am still hopeful. However, after over two months of not playing tennis, I still have a case that's worse than it was when I quit playing.

I'd love to hear of other cases. My PT agrees that the Tyler Twist is a great exercise but proceed with caution. It's not the quick fix that's often implied.
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