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Originally Posted by psv255 View Post
sureshs -- I had trouble with the phrase "hitting out in front" -- whenever I would voluntarily try to hit out in front, I would end up swinging early, overextending, and pretty much shanking or misfiring. When looking to your target when swinging, it may seem like you hit to the side (since the contact pt relative to your body is at the edge of your field of vision). Truth is, the reason that you see it at all is because it's in front.

You see the ball and hit it because you hit out in front.

So what is the point of the advice????? I had already mentioned exactly what you said, namely that players hearing the advice gird their loins and bravely adopt an extreme open stance and swing early and overextend and screw up their shot.

That is called taking the ball early. Only a few can do it. It depends on your height too.

But you can stand back, adopt a neutral stance, take the ball very late and yet hit out in front!!!

Taking it early and hitting out in front are orthogonal issues.
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