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Originally Posted by Roforot View Post
I don't think we disagree so much that we wouldn't be able to play a match together. I do think the example of Henin's play isn't a fair one... I could pull a lot of other examples where pros are screaming AFTER they've hit the ball.

Anyway, again if I'm playing against the type of team that will claim a hinderance off those situations, I feel it is well worth it because they are likely the sort of players who would try to go for a body shot/kill shot on the net guy because it's okay to do so in the "written rules."

I'm just curious, how many times have you called a hinderance on an opponent? I've had one guy do it to me once (in a singles practice match--> I mishit a ball and cursed but somehow it landed in; totally deserved to lose that point!) I've never had occasion to do so.
Show me an example of a "pro screaming after they hit the ball". Dont show me a clip of normal stroke sounds, even for delayed ones like Ferrers grunts, or Del Po's "early warning" grunts either.

There is a difference between a grunt and an exclamation.

Also, a pro yelling c'mon after they've clearly won the point is a different story. When an official is presiding over a match, they have to determine if the player had a play at the ball. In all instances ive seen, a player who touches the ball after such exclamation has been given a grievance freebie. In some cases is a "let". In most cases its a loss of point.

I've never called a hindrance on anyone. I just wont do it unless its obvious to me that they're pushing the limit. I'm also the type of person who gives gratuitous line calls and overrules my partner frequently depending on how legit they call the lines. It's why some people refuse to play with me.

If I even think that the ball has touched even 1mm of the line, I will call it good. Ever so often ill realize the ball was an inch (maybe even 2) long, but it dosent bother me.

I actually warn my partner all the time about her exclamations. She does the "watch out!" thing. I tell her she has to watch that in a playoff because someone will more than likely call it in a close game. 1) For a free point 2) "Gamesmanship".

In critical matches bad habits like hindering can be substantial and its poor form to practice it, especially if your reasoning is "they have to call it on me first".
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