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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post

You see the ball and hit it because you hit out in front.

So what is the point of the advice????? I had already mentioned exactly what you said, namely that players hearing the advice gird their loins and bravely adopt an extreme open stance and swing early and overextend and screw up their shot..

I think the advice to "hit out in front" is most effectively directed at the player who uses a late "wrist flick"; rather than leading with the arm and "dragging" the racquet head, some tend to hit the ball literally to their side, in the plane of their body, on a regular rally ball! This is not only counterproductive but can easily lead to injury, so that would be the target audience for "hitting out in front."

For those interested, this is a fun video to actually see how different "in front" and "to the side" are and why one would want to hit "in front."

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