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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I see. Sort of like a security guard squarely blocking the way of people and flicking his wrist to say "go back."

I have never seen any 3.5 and above hit it this way, which makes me wonder about the value of the advice.
There was actually a guy I hit with recently (admittedly, a pity favor more than anything ) who somehow spun the ball with a continental grip by hitting the ball at his side, something resembling a topspin drive in table tennis. He used his shoulder as a fulcrum and wrist for a last-minute boost in power and spin. It was painful to watch, and probably not painless for him either.

But I think there a good deal of starting players, many under 2.5/3.0 perhaps, who are in need of such instruction. Undoubtedly, as you move thru the NTRP system, you develop technique that makes some tips obsolete and others more relevant
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