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Originally Posted by psv255 View Post
I guess 5263 was thinking of the generic, easily returnable rally ball, where the contact point is in front and to the side.

yes, as I feel you have to discuss things from some kind of basis and I feel the
rally BL shot is that basic function to describe things from...not tweeners,
running Fhs or any other specialty shots.
The Running Fh would be looking at it like sureshs imo, but can't say for sure
what he is saying, but no,
I wouldn't consider that out front. I think it depends more on where the body
is and where the shot is going to determine. For me, the running Fh is normally
hit more to the side and the body is turned to closed.
Not saying you are wrong though, but
think you are missing the important dynamic on how shots are produced, which
is stroke rotating around the body and heading over the net.
Yes i agree about defining technique as rally balls.

but for the sake of discussion... i think the out front is not related to 'heading over the net'.

By your definition it sounds like you are saying front and side of the body is determined by which direction they are facing. So if they facing the net and hit out in front then they are 'hitting out in front' and if they facing and running towards the side fence and hit out in front then they are 'hitting on the side of the body'. That doesn't seem right.

The optimal position of the racquet position at contact related to the torso/body is the same (give or take a couple inches maybe) for a rally ball facing the net and a running fh facing the sidefence ...which is 'in front of' the torso in the direction the torso is facing.
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