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So Grace ysidora goes out and beats the #27 ranked player in the country from Duke the next day and she is not good enough for college tennis in the US? It was a mistake to give her a scholie? Anybody can have one bad game.

Her background is pretty impressive despite the loss. #32 world ranking in juniors ITF 2 years ago, career-high WTA singles ranking of No. 607 and doubles ranking of No. 550. She won 2 Futures tournaments in doubles.
Yeah she suxs, bad pick up. Tons of American girls are equivalent and ready to sign up for Washington's team if they were only offered...
Good for her. Noone said she wasn't good enough to play college tennis in the US. But she is not the answer for Udub competing against Stanford, USC, etc. Absolutely not. Udub is a bottom dweller in the Pac 12 and is going to stay that way. Instead of competing harder for the best American players, the coach makes token effort and then goes after second rate foreign players that she is convinced are better than American players. How's that working out for them ? If you are going to go with an 75% foreign roster, you better bring home titles. Foreign roster and second to last in the division ? Pathetic. Go get a coach that can recruit. First step to start recruitment American players : stop disrespecting them in interviews.

As for Ysidora her record, she's an ITF point chaser. Played all four juniors slams, but her best finish was third round. Given the number of high grade ITF events she played, she should be higher than 32.

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