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Originally Posted by gloumar View Post
But it is obviously some misleading advertising, right ? (not sur of the expression to use in english)
I mean, why a consumer association could not make a significant issue of this ?
It's an old story generally of course, and one I've never understood in the sense of how it continues to go on like this. And unlike Rafa, Fed and Nole - who it could be argued (at something of a stretch) that, if not the exact frame they are advertized, at least they are using derivitive frames or frames from that make anyhow - the complete conning of the public and the exploitation of the young in a case such as Azarenka just isn't right in my book. This form of grossly misleading people goes on in all kinds of areas, but that doesn't make it acceptable, does it? Whatever. Some illuminating posts here (specially from vs).
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