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Originally Posted by gmatheis View Post
Cheating - To violate rules deliberately, as in a game

32. Talking during point. A player shall not talk while a ball is moving toward an opponent’s side of the court.

You are cheating . plain and simple.
Nope, not cheating.

The fact that something is prohibited or required in the Code does not mean failure to comply amounts to cheating. Here is an example:

15. Audible or visible calls. No matter how obvious it is to a player that an opponent’s ball is out, the opponent is entitled to a prompt audible or visible out call.
So. If you do not call a ball out with a visible or audible call, you are cheating?

Want another example?

Making calls on clay courts. If any part of a ball mark touches a line on a clay court, the ball shall be called good. If only part of the mark on a court can be seen, this means that the missing part is on a line or tape. A player should take a careful second look at any point-ending placement that is close to a line on a clay court.
So. If you do not take a careful second look at any point-ending placement close to a line on a clay court, you are cheating?

Want another example?

Obvious faults. A player shall not put into play or hit over the net an obvious fault. To do so constitutes rudeness and may even be a form of gamesmanship.
So. If you loop a first serve fault back to the server, you are cheating?

My point is that the Code contains many provisions that are advisory. They do not amount to cheating, and there is no automatic penalty if you do these things. They are a matter of courtesy, not cheating.

BTW, I also don't think much of your definition of cheating. I think this is better:

Act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, esp. in a game or examination: "she cheats at cards".
Deceive or trick.
In the examples I gave, there is no unfair advantage, and there is no deception or trickery.

I think some of you are going off the deep end here. . . .
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