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Default rollin' w/the Busman

Originally Posted by SoBad View Post
Or do they? I am curious about the pros and cons of bus ownership. Obviously, one would probably need a commercial license and parking could be a challenge, but there is so much upside.

You can set up an office area in the front, with a desk, satellite internet, etc. Then you have a lounge area in the mid-section of the bus with sofas, TV, music, and a full bar. And in the back you have a bedroom. Separate the three sections with light curtains and you’re all set.

If you get stuck in traffic because of bad weather, you just pull over and work or relax. Call friends and invite them over. Is this a good idea? Discuss.
Interesting idea SoBad, but for starters, meter parking is gonna set you back 3x as many quarters. And forget garage parking in midtown.

Me, I get lost often so the U-turn issue's a big problem. Plus you'll never be able to 'lay rubber' or do 'doughnuts' esp. in the snow, etc...and it's not exactly a babe magnet either....well, maybe if it were a Bookmobile you could snag those librarian types but I think the cons outweigh the pros.
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