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1961 is not 1964. Hoad's march 1961 injury was a different injury; he pulled a tendon in his foot. He was out of action for a few months. He came back in july 1961 as a full-time tournament player; in fact he played more tournaments than Gonzales and rosewall in 1961. It was the same in 1962 as he played more tournaments than Rosewall. In 1964 he played as much overall tennis as Rosewall and more than Gonzales and Gimeno. In '64 He entered all the main tornament not withdrawing from any of them. Once he started an event he did not give any walkovers or retirements. To play as much top flight international tennis as hoad did from july 1961 to the end of 1964 and be competitive (hoad was still winning matches) means that he was basically fit to play and uninjured.

Hoad still produced a fair ammount of good performances in this period. In the second half of '61 he beat Gonzales 2 times out of three including a big win at the wembley semi-final. In '62 he beat Bucholz in a long 5 setter in the semi-final at Wembley and then extended Rosewall to 4 long sets in the final. In '63 he beat Laver 8-0 in january (He seems to have gone into extra training for this to be extra fit; maybe at other times hoad was bit casual about his fitness.) Overall though Hoad struggled to win tournaments. he did not win any in '61. '63 and '64. He won a couple in '62 when the competition was less; only Rosewall of the great players was there; Gonzales and laver did not play the pro tour in '62. In '64 with Gonzales and Laver there as well as Rosewall , Hoad really struggled with no wins from 24 attempts in tournaments.

jeffrey, Thanks that you disproved Dan's claim that Hoad was injured almost every day and every year...
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