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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
Whoa, whoa. Slow down.
Hoad had a CHRONIC (as in continuous) back injury from 1954 on, and an extended series of matches could always leave him unable to play.
Take a look at his pro numbers.
In 1958, he took about four or five months off recovering from back problems, and still played 110 singles matches on the American and Ampol world championships, plus several more in Europe and minor events.
In 1959, he played 109 singles matches on the two championship tours, plus many more in Europe and in minor events.
Probably about 150 singles matches in 1959, and a few less in 1958.
Probably about 60 or 70 pro singles matches in 1957 in several tours and tournaments.
Well over 300 singles matches from July 1957 to January 1, 1960.
Money winnings, about $200,000 in 1958 alone, well over $100,000 in 1959, about $400,000 in his first 2 1/2 years as a pro (dollars then worth about 20 of today's dollars), plus much more in commercial endorsements and activities. In today's money, about ten million in 2 1/2 years.
During this time, many more matches and more earnings than Laver achieved in his glory days in the 1960's, Laver played about 122 matches (perhaps including doubles?) in 1969, perhaps his busiest year.
Hoad went semi-retired in 1960, and look at how many matches he played after this.
For 1960, leave out Jan. 1, the last singles match of the 1959 season.
In 1960, including the New Zealand tour, a total of 36 singles matches. This was like a vacation after the previous three years.
Similar or fewer numbers for each subsequent year.
Plus a gain in weight, reduced mobility, recurring foot problems caused by the greater body weight which put stress on the right foot and toes.
Get the picture?
There was no "pro tour" in 1962, and Hoad tired at the end of the Wembley final with Rosewall.
Dan, Laver's busiest year was 1962.

There were several smaller pro tours in 1962.
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