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I got a set of black magic today from string forum to test out. I have only hit once with it but I am very impressed with this string.

It has a great feel to it and very good spin, but the best part is the control. I am very picky about depth control, I hit a high looping ball and if I have just a little to much spring in my string bed I will hit to many balls long.

But I had no problem with BM, it has precision like control similar to my kevlar hybrid that I am using but with a much better feel.
I am trying to get away from the kevlar that I have been using and have tested out black widow and weiss cannon SS and other low powered poly strings to find a good controllable substitute, and so far none of them have worked well enough to make the change.

If this first hit performance of BM can last for a while it looks like I could have a winner. I was hitting around and switching back and forth between my kevlar hybrid and the 17 gauge BM and I had the same control with both, which I have not found with other poly strings.

I cannot wait to put some more hours on this string and try a few more sets of it.
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