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Originally Posted by Roger Wawrinka View Post
Hey guys, which of these do you think is the better Multi-string? Or if you have another Multi that you think is better post it here.

Thanks, R.W
All I'm ever going to use, unless it's summer, it NXT Control, I just don't see any flaws. It's durable, has touch, power, spin, I don't see anything lacking.

They say at TW that it was the 3rd highest rated string, and I agree, I can't keep changing to this and that, going off anecdotal evidence.

I am lowering the tension a bit, but that has nothing to do with the string, with all of the complicated set ups, I don't think anything is that better than Wilson NXT control, can do anything with it.

Summer time comes Gut.
Wilson K-Factor 95, NXT Control at 62 lbs
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